240 Ideas de Negocio


Paola Díaz editó este e-book con 240 ideas de negocios para emprender desde casa. Alto nivel de creatividad y oportunidades ingeniosas y acccesibles!

4 pensamientos sobre “240 Ideas de Negocio”

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  2. Great article, Hala. I knew what to expect the moment I read the title. Seems like these “cafes” are mass manufactured, they are opened for the sake of being opened, there’s a familiar feeling of unfamiliarity like you are not welcome, almost feeling like a chore. Even if a 90+ scoring cup of coffee is served, it often lacks a main ingredient that you have rightly pointed out — soul. I plant my roots in some of my “favorite” places, and whenever I visit back I find myself sitting in the same place, same table, same chair, same coffee, and lastly the same routine. This is the familiarity I look for, like home — a safe place, a place you can call your home.

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